Baby Steps 3

Dear Reader, thank you for taking time out to read my last blog. This is the concluding chapter of Baby steps, one chapter in my first novel She Smiled, Part 1. Hope you enjoy the continuation of Chloe’s life journey.

Chloe invited Akin to meet her mother the next day. Mama Joe was kind as usual, welcoming him with warmth into their home. He thoughtfully commended her kindness and her delicious food. Every day, Chloe was looking forward to the walks to the library together with Akin. Oh! The joy of talking and laughing. Knowing that he would soon leave for college, she was keen to make the most of the time she had with him. Things went so fast within a short time and one evening when they were together, Akin like a shot asked:

“Chloe, would like to go out with me?”

Although Chloe was enjoying his company. She was not expecting any question relating to a committed relationship. Fear gripped her stomach! Chloe cleared her tight throat and said,

“Can I consider it?”

Akin, so sure of himself with his happy face, said,

“Take your time, not too long. I am leaving for college soon.”

Holding her hands, Chloe filled with mixed feelings nodded with a “Yes, sure.”

At home that evening, Chloe withdrew, and Mama Joe could not reach her. Chloe tried to pray, but she was so confused. “How can I like him? I can’t have him. Am I not young? I’m too vulnerable to understand what to do.” This was too much for Chloe, who was only a few weeks from her nineteenth birthday. Amid the discontentment in her heart, the gentle voice of the Saviour spoke. “I have loved you will an everlasting love. I gave you the emotions. I can handle it.” Soon she felt a fresh assurance and boldness to deal with the situation. She like a ghost stood up, took a sheet of paper and began to write to Akin. 

Dear Akin,

I appreciate my friendship with you, and if truth be told I would love to take it to the next level. Though, I am worried that we are not on the same page. My faith is the foundation of my life, and I base all my choices on my faith. Even though I would have loved to take you up on your offer, I know it would hurt Jesus. The lover of my soul as we do not have a common understanding of my faith. I would in actual fact love you to have an encounter with my lover. You will never regret. I will still be your friend if you would have me, but I can’t go to the next step with you. 

Thank you and much appreciated.


Your friend

Chloe handed Akin the letter the next day. Although Akin’s reactions were not obvious, she was sure he would have misunderstood her. But she had decided, and the door had gone out of business until she was sure about his stance with the Saviour. Akin left for college without a goodbye. Chloe remained a faithful friend to him. No matter what happens, she would always welcome the decisions he made. She knew in every respect well she still had a soft spot for him.

Thank you for enjoying baby steps 3… Chloe seems to have enjoyed her newfound relationship, but decisions had to be made. What is going to happen to Akin? will they get back together again. Find out from the book “She Smiled. Hope we are able to encourage our children to put godly valves first at every crossroad. Love your comments and likes. Kindly subscribe to my novel blog and share with others.




Baby Steps 2

Dear Reader, I have been away on a well-deserved holiday. Thanks to my lovely friends and family. One of my dear readers commented on my last blog to
complete one of Chloe’s adventures. I promised I will. Baby steps is one chapter in my first novel She Smiled, Part 1. Hope you enjoy the continuation
of her life’s journey


On their walk to the library one day Akin asked, “Can we go to the botanical garden for a picnic.” Chloe’s heart skipped at the thought of spending time alone with him. Although it was not the first she would spend time with her male companions. It was the first time with someone who made her pulse race faster. She tried to change the tone of the discussion, but Akin was not having it. “You have not given me a reply yet.” He turned his inquiry eyes
on her.

Clearing her throat in discomfort she said, “Sure, hope we wouldn’t take too
long? I didn’t tell Mama Joe.”

“Ehh! Mama Joe, she will be fine. You are a big girl now. I bet you can take of yourself, can’t you?”

“Sure, I can. What do you take me for?” she smiled looking away from his
piercing gaze all over her.

“Okay, let me make it easier, we could leave the library earlier today, so
you can get back to your Mama Joe at your usual time.”

Chloe surprised by his kind consideration shook her head in approval. “That
will be good,” she muttered.

“But wait! What are we eating? Where is the food basket?”

Akin reached out his palm to her, “Touch it, he said. “Trust… believe. I
will make all the provisions happen. All I need is a Yes.”

“Yes,” Chloe said smiling with her pinched lips walking ahead of him into
the library.

After two hours of staring into her books, she gave up, her mind was imagining what the afternoon will be like with Akin. It excited a part of her; it scared the other of crossing the boundaries. She reassured herself,  “It will be an open space, don’t be afraid.” Tapping his feet under the table restlessly, she signal to him it was time to leave. Chloe packed her books and walked out of the library. Akin walked out without a sound after her.

Once outside, they laughed together as they strolled towards the botanical garden. The weather was sunny and hot. There were few people on the street; it was around midday and folks were out and about. She prayed no familiar faces will not notice her. She dreaded a confrontation at home. All she could think was the moments they would share.

They arrived at the entrance after twenty minutes of walking. His little cousin greeted them, carrying a small woven basket. “Brother Akin, here is the basket you asked me to bring. I have been waiting for an hour now.”

Thank you, Akin replied collecting the basket from him. “Now run back home,
your work here is done.”

“Aunt Chloe, good afternoon. I hope you enjoy my big brother’s company.” He
prostrated a half-way as he walked away.

“I will,” she replied. “My greetings to big mummy,” she added as
he exited their presence.

They found a well-shaded spot under a tree. Akin spread the cloth, while she waited for an invitation to sit. Akin, like the gentleman he invited her to sit beside him. Chloe couldn’t believe he could make her so special. She felt relaxed as the cool breeze blew beneath her exposed legs. His tender attitude towards her charmed her. The afternoon went so well; they discussed their time in school.

Although Chloe did most of the talking, Akin was a great listener. Their walk home was awkward without explanation. Akin seems to want to hold her hands; she was conservative and felt at odds with holding hands. She felt a touch might make her lose her peace with the Saviour. The turbulent she felt inside was worse than a raging sea. she felt choked with the thought of doing something wrong. At her gate, Akin stood in front of her looking like a baby in desperately in need of a loving curdle.

Chloe did not want to mess up the memories of the lovely afternoon. In discomfort, she looked away from his sparkling eyes and muttered: “Have a good evening.” She hurried into the house like a speed of light and raced to the window. She watched the poor fellow from the house, she felt sorry for him. He stood heartbroken, wondering what he had wronged. After some minutes, he put himself together and walked off.

The next day, they communicated with each other as normal. they pretended there was never an odd moment between them. A few days later on the way from the library, Akin invited Chloe to try out his favourite snack.  Akin had spoken about it like something so special that she could not imagine it. They had a walk to the vendor close to his house selling this special snack. Chloe still curious like she was as a little girl, agreed to try it out.

Her throat was salivating to taste this unknown mouth-watering described grub. After walking forty-five minutes from the library enjoying a friendly chat, they approach the elderly woman. To her surprise, the renowned snack was “Boli and Epa” – roasted plantain and groundnut. 

Chloe laughed so much if it was the last time she had to. Haha! Haa, this the well-endowed snack you described? You are such a fake guy, how is this special? She questioned his notion of the ‘special’ phrase.

Akin laughing pleasantly as his usual self replied, “Chloe you need to taste, this woman version, it differs completely from whatever you know before.” Expressing his open gap tooth, Chloe now looked forward to whenever he smiled.

“Really, for real? Perhaps eating this version with you will make a special

“Now you are talking!” He laughed as he paid for the purchase.

They walked to the nearby field to enjoy the snack. It was true, it not necessarily the food that needs to be perfect. The person you eat the food with makes all the difference. Every moment with Akin was different. Perhaps it differed from what she was used to. Her friends in church were not the same; his company had a special touch to her heart. She was afraid to understand it. She wanted to enjoy every moment.

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Baby Steps


Dear Readers,

Chloe had moved on safely from Mr Williams. She is taking baby steps into the world of relationships. Will she survive it? SHE SMILED – Part 1 will be out soon. For some of my readers who knew I was about to publish, apologies. There has been a change of plan. She smiled has been broken into two books. I am putting together the ending for book 1 (Brainstorming and creativity battle within). Thus, another setback on my authorship journey. But hey! it going to work out well soon. I have started another project titled – SHARON’S PLIGHT. Keep your eyes peeled!

A few months after Chloe’s encounter with David, the owner of the chemist died. Heartbroken, she still had to work to sustain herself and her mother. Her Papa Joe had finally cut out Mama Joe out of the family business. Being disowned by a father is not the easiest path to life for a teenager. She fought the temptation to get what she needed from other means, like Mr Williams.

But love still surrounded her, especially from Mama Joe. Chloe sold snacks and drinks to make ends meet. On one occasion, she served a quiet, exhausted young man called Akin. Though, she did not remember her first encounter with him. This time, she met him again at the local library where she was studying for her exams. She observed him better from the corner seat where she pretended to be studying.

Akin had a well-pronounced gap in his teeth. The feature daily announced itself with every smile that radiated from his face. His soft-spoken voice rang in Chloe’s ears like the sound of quiet waters. Although she longed to chat with him, she never considered it her place to approach him. Rather, she waited well enough an encounter to bring them together once more. Having done two hours reading, she stepped out of the library to stretch her legs. Walked over buy groundnuts from a vendor beside the library. Without prior notice, she heard Akin’s soft voice behind her saying, “I know you. I have met you before.”

Pretending she that she couldn’t recollect, she responded: “Don’t you men say that to every girl you meet?”

Laughing at ease, he said, “I am not men; from the bottom of your heart. I have met you before. Were you not the girl that served drinks at the Student Union building? What was a beautiful girl like you doing there? And, what are you doing in the library? My name is Akin.” He, like greased lightning realised he’d thrown a barrage of questions at her. Akin chuckled as he told Chloe his name.

Chloe broke the silence with her captivating smile. Her dimples giving away her great delight. She replied Akin,

“Which of your questions do you want me to answer first?”

Akin laughed and said, “Anyone of them.”

“Alright, I am reading for my university entrance examination. I am working to take care of mother and myself.” Chloe could sense his shock from his changed countenance.

“How can a girl like you choose to hard choices?” Reading his thoughts, she continued.

“Sometimes life teaches lessons and you have to learn the lessons to become a better person.”

Akin smiled in a slurred voice. “Don’t you want to know me?”

Hiding her eagerness, she replied cheekily “You tell me? Do you want me to know you?”

Akin with a flirtatious laugher once again showing the gap in his teeth. Responding, “I have gained admission to the Polytechnic. I was in the library to revise before heading for lectures.”

Chloe continued to ask him questions. They shared jokes and talked for the remaining time they spent in the library.

Soon, it was time to go, and they walked home together. Chloe discovered that Akin lived two streets away from Papa Joe’s house. They agreed to go to the library together as often as possible. The decision that soon flourished into an exciting relationship. Chloe confided in Mama Joe and she looked forward to meeting the young man.

She at the double added that she was not sure if they shared the same faith. She sensed something reserved Akin when she questioned him about his faith. She knew deep down that her relationship with Akin had needed defining. Ruled by her faith no matter how loud her emotions were screaming.

Thank you for reading baby steps, always loving your comments. Looking forward to your likes, comments and spreading of my blog abroad.



Sugar Hubby!!

Dear Friends,

Want to find out what happened to Chloe’s first crush? … ‘She smiled’, the book, will be out soon. Till then… let’s check out another adventure with Chloe. Do your remember Mr Williams from the blog ‘dancing floor?’ Check it out and connect to the story below… Oh, Chloe! Chloe!! Chloe!!!

One day, Papa Joe called Chloe into his room for a discussion.

“So, Chloe what are we going to do about your failures and this Saviour you claim you serve? Couldn’t He help you pass?”

Chloe was not moved by his disposition towards her. With a straight face she replied, “Papa I will yet serve Him because my faith in him is not dependent on my grades. Furious with her candid reply, Papa Joe rose from the side of his bed, opened the door in anger and said, ” Get out of my room. I do not want to have anything to do with you and your saviour forever.”

Chloe resolved to pledge allegiance to the Cross even though her father had finally disowned her because of her faith. She was determined to make something out of her life – the first step was to start work. She was only seventeen and still studying for her university entrance examination. Nevertheless, she started working as a dispensary attendant for her neighbour who fell ill and needed to keep the shop open.

It was the first day of work. She was dressed in her patterned ankara skirt and her light blue blouse with her permed hair styled into a bob. She was crossing the road hastily in the hot sun when a Mercedes X class with black tinted glass pulled up beside her. A voice beckoned to her from the window to approach the car. Politely she walked over, thinking someone needed some directions.

Sloughed in the backseat was Mr Williams, an unpleasant memory from her dance floor experience when she was 10 years old. She greeted in shock. “Good morning, sir! Papa Joe is doing great. Have you been to his office or seen him today?” Chloe did not wait for him to answer when she continued, “Sir, I have to hurry to work. Today is my first day. I am running late.” Mr Williams was not a welcome guest in her mind. The sooner she was rid of him the better.

She turned around to walk on, but Mr Williams reached out his hand and held hers. He said, “Chloe! Chloe, my wife; come and join me in the car and let’s talk.” Chloe thinking “What! okay, Mr Williams is my father’s friend, he could have something important to say. But why should he call me ‘my wife?’ Blood of Jesus!” 

Chloe reached for her phone, called her boss to inform him of a little delay on her way to work. She walked over to the passenger door stepped into the back seat. Even though she was uncomfortable sitting with Mr Williams, she thought “I need to hear what all this is about.”

Mr Williams stretched out his old wrinkled hands to hold her. “You are a full-grown woman now! You know I have always had my eyes on you since you were a little damsel.” Chloe resisted his advances, but he continued. “See, see, my love, I will follow all the right steps with Papa Joe. I won’t do wrong by you. You are too special. I want to marry you.

You will take the position of my third… no! My fourth wife.” Chloe was shocked at the old man’s foolish words. He was not bothered by the shock visibly displayed on her face. Instead, he intensified his efforts to woo her “Don’t worry. You will never struggle again. I understand you have been having issues with your father. Marrying me will put you back into his good books.”

Hmm, friends… What do you think? Have you every been abandoned by a loved one? How do you think Chloe reacted to Wifely advances? Let me know… Just a thought… How often do we talk to our kids about their feelings and relationships? Remember they are never too young to understand. I Pray we learn from each other on the journey of parenthood…

First Crush


Dear Readers, I know its been a while… However, Chloe’s story is back on track… influenced by others, she is beginning to exercise her free will by developing a “crush” on someone… let’s enjoy Chloe’s new emotional directions

A month after the dinner in Nath’s house, she was ready to resume school and was glad she was able to interact with Nath without any reference to the ‘rainy day’. Nathaniel seem to have gotten her message. Usually if Nath said “Hi”, Chloe would reply with “Hi.” Things were awkward and she didn’t know how to deal with him.

Sometimes she wished she had allowed him to speak; it is possible that what he intended to say had nothing to do with his emotional attraction to her. Chloe decided not to tell Mama Joe about him, she had already teased about the boys’ effect. Chloe was able to cover up her feelings for Ryan and Nath’s distractions as she returned to school after the holidays.

Each time she had a call or visit from home, she was quick to find out how her neighbours were doing. Her sister provided all the information about them, but she was not courageous enough to let out the secret thoughts in her heart. Often during evening study periods, the senior students and her mates’ gist about their adventures with their boyfriends or the famous prohibited night parties.

Chloe would allow her thoughts to drift away from schoolwork to Nath and Ryan, and eventually, she would write poems to express her feelings and ease the pressure of the conflict in her mind.

I can’t fathom it

With a thought of you in my heart

When I close my eyes

I think of you first, like the rising of the sun

When I open my eyes

Smiles rush to my lips, like streams of waters

Just at the thought of you

Thinking of you

Makes me want to have every minute of you

I longed for the day I cannot

Do without you

Just thinking of you

Chloe knew it was out of place to focus her mind on the thoughts flooding her mind, which was partly influenced by those around her. She often felt out of place in the company of others, so she sought the purity of her thoughts as her greatest desire. The Saviour was never too far from her, putting a check of her thoughts as He directed her to focus on the needs of others through her pastoral care, and the previous thought patterns faded away slowly.  

Few weeks into the new session, there was an inter-school debate between Chloe’s and Ryan’ schools that was held at Chloe’s school. It was a good opportunity for her to see her ‘first-time crush’ after a couple of weeks from home. The girls let out a noise as the Westley College bus drove. The debate team hopped off the bus, confident as expected.

She saw Ryan. He looked handsome in his checked shirt, dark blue fitted uniform and sunglasses to hide his eyes from the reflections of the sun. The moment Chloe saw him smiling with his friend, her heart started to skip in beats like a horse galloping over the hills. The Head girl tapped her shoulder jolting her out of her dreamy world.

“Chloe your presence is required in the hall to get the girls settled. Why are you looking like you saw a ghost?”

“Nothing!” Chloe replied pretending nothing happened.

The full school hall was now that loud “boys” were around. The girls were more interested in boys than the debate competition itself. Chloe knew her school’s debate team were good but was not sure whether they would  be able to win against Ryan’s school. She walked to the stage with the Assembly and Pastoral Care Prefect, she was the assistant Assembly prefect. Their roles were to maintain order at any school gathering.

The loud hall went quiet as they stood in front of the assembly with their brown and white pinafore uniform and the half knee socks, representing the standard of the uniform required for the whole school. Chloe and Ryan made eye contact immediately because he was sitting in one of the designated seats at the front of the hall. She raised her fingers slightly to say hi to him.

Ryan smiled back with the same finger gesture. She was delighted to receive sweet acknowledgement of her presence for the first time. “How I wish he does the same at home,” she thought, trying to concentrate on the task ahead…

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What if…being a Christian…This is it!

Dear Friends,

I have been considering the ongoing events relating to those that identify with Jesus around the world. With a burdened heart I pick up my pen and put down my thoughts expressed in this poem. Although I have shared my notes to one or two friends, I felt the need to share with my readers. My heavy heart on these contemporary issues in our days trusts in the Saviour’s wings at this end times. I pray you to take time and ponder on each sentence.

What if being a Christian means not buying into the popular religious culture and legalism
What if being a Christian means not necessarily persecuted like our brethren in all around the world
What if being a Christian does not only lead to execution
What if being a Christian means my voice is meant to be silent
What if being a Christian means I can’t express my belief in Jesus openly anymore
What if it means I cannot express my views on social media?
What if it means I am targeted, excluded, excommunicated, ostracized, and condemned by the world?
What if at the slightest words of my Saviour someone feels insulted and I must take the public shame
What if I might have to lose my job, my source of income, or might never get a job because I identified with the Saviour
What if I lose my friends, family and my celebrity status?
What if being a Christian is a thing of the past in the new world order
What if I am the only odd one out. His name a curse word to the nations?
What will I do if being a Christian means I will lose out completely?
Will I denied I knew him, walked with him, talked with him and worship him or
Will I stop, think, before I speak because of the consequences
Will I post of social media my stances on controversial issues?
Will I hide my faith to keep my job?
Will, I denied Jesus to keep the trend and end up in church on Sunday?
Behold the Saviour watches from above looking at the hearts and motives of men
He will declare: if you denied me before them, I will deny you before my Father
He says, the Father will destroy both the body and the souls that sins
What will men do?
Destroy the body alone and you fear men!
Is it worth I denied my belief to fit the popular demand and excesses of the fallen man?
God hates sins and loves mankind He created
He declares his hatred of sins through the fallen man
Will I be willing to declare my stance to love mankind?
While holding on to God’s desire for the hated of sins
Just the way it is without no shades of grey
What will be my choice?
What will be your choice?
We’ve been called to declare his words
What might happen to us is already foretold as it happened to our brothers like Paul, Peter and His followers
Most suffered like our Saviour did on the cross
They did not sugar coat the gospel
They did not find the middle ground by losing the truth through picking facts
Were they diplomatic with the truth?
They did not deceive their followers with half-baked teachings
They did try to fit the culture or their changing world
They did not deny Him, who lived, died, rose and hated man's sins
And His redemptive heart for man
They died for what they believed in...
Are you ready to die for what you believe?
Hard questions? Hard times?
For me and my household, my mind is made up
Not only in the old song “I have decided to follow Jesus…”
But is your mind made up
Humm, quick check…
When last did you declare your belief of social media rather than your beautiful pictures?

Thank you for walking with me and my thoughts…I am hoping to get back to Chloe’s story in my next blog. Kindly subscribe, like, comment and share.



Teenager! I have emotions 3

I’m back continuing Chloe’s journey on her teenage emotional awareness “Teenager! I have emotions 2.” As a teenager putting a check on her emotions was a new priority, too much to deal with.  I hope you enjoy reading as I did writing.

Chloe could not sleep that night, she tossed and turned, wondering whether she was heading for the trouble she wouldn’t be able to handle. “All I wanted is a friend, why did Nath hold my hands that way; did I imagine the way he fixed his eyes on me? Is he trying to communicate something else? Is that the way a boy looks into a girl’s eyes when he begins to fall in love? I seriously think I shouldn’t give Nath any funny ideas any more. What will I do with Ryan? Even though I really what him to like me the same way as Nath seems to swoop on me this evening, why does he not even look my way?

As these thoughts play over and over in her mind long into the night, Chloe remembered the Saviour’s words “Do not awake your emotions when it is not ripe for it.” Her Saviour and Mama Joe were right again. She talked with Him for a while and finally drifted off to sleep.

Chloe avoided Nath’s company over the next few days, she found reasons to be busy indoors while the rest of the neighbours spent time together outside.

A week later, there was a knock on the door, Nath stood there looking helpless, “I missed fishing, can we spend time together?” he said looking miserable. As she opened her mouth to say “No”, she heard Mama Joe speak from behind her.

“I think you children don’t have much to do around here, I am waiting to eat roasted fish tonight. Head out”. That was the most boring time she spent with Nath; she could not pretend that the last time never happened. Several times, Nath tried to break the ice, to get through to her, but Chloe was too scared to say anything.

Getting home, Mama Joe had already made a fire for the fish; because of the unexplainable silence between them, Nathaniel made his excuses, hurrying home to make dinner, avoiding any further company with Chloe. Chloe didn’t want him to go home but was at a loss as to how to tell him about how she felt.

“I am so lame at handling a friendship!” Chloe thought as she walked over to the fence and watched Nathaniel climb the stairs, he was talking to his sister and didn’t look back. Nathaniel’s mother poked her head out of the front door and invited Chloe for dinner. Chloe saw her opportunity to get closer to Ryan.

“Yes, thank you” she called back, adding she would be bringing some fish along. All Chloe noticed though was Ryan’s unwelcoming face staring at her and she wondered if she was making another big mistake.

In the end, the evening went by uneventfully, leaving Chloe wondering what to do about “Ryan” and her “feelings for him” as she walked home in the dark.

A month after the dinner in Nathaniel’s house, she was ready to resume school and was glad that there had been no reference to their “rainy day” experience.

She was able to interact with Nathaniel with even though it was awkward, usually if Nathaniel said “Hi”, Chloe would reply “Hi”, she didn’t know how to deal with him.

Sometimes she wished she allowed him to speak; it could be possible that what he intended to say had nothing to do with his emotional attraction to her. Chloe decided not to tell Mama Joe about him, she had already teased about the “boys’ effect.”

Let’s say Chloe survived this episode without anybody finding out her inner struggles. Although she was able to escape this time, will she be able to do so for all the other “boys’ effect” that might likely come her way? Do you agree she should express her struggles with someone…let’s say, Mama Joe?

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