You did it! – My reflection on Easter

Dear readers,

I wrote this poem in 2003 and acted it in church during the Easter service. Similarly, I was worshipping in the service today with the song “O praise the name of the Lord our God…” As we sang the fourth verse, it struck me the reason for my worship was the price he paid. With tears rolling from my eyes I look forward to worshipping Him in eternity with my loved ones, I share my poem with you.

I remember today is a Friday, over 2000 years ago

You did it for me.

Yes! I clearly do, but wait…

Was I one of the soldiers that flogged you,

Nailed you,

Gambled for your clothes,

And threw dices for each piece?

I even went to the extent of mocking you and offering you sour wine to my satisfaction

I made myself happy at the expense of your sorrow

Over my sins?

Or better still…

Maybe I was one of the crowds

That cried “Crucify him! Crucify him”

And yet at the cross

I stood watching

I was neither happy nor sad

I even went home with my deep-seated sorrow

For the weight of the sins

You had to pay for me

Come to think of it…

I think I would be better still

The Jewish leaders that wanted Him to die at all cost

I wasted a precious soul

To achieve my aim?

I falsely accused Him of the sins he knew not

I made the crowd that liked him so much

To turn against him to shout “Crucify him! Crucify him”

I went as far as turning Pilate and King Herod Judgment to please my terms

At the cross, I laughed and scoffed Him

And I called Him names

But at His death

When I saw the veil of the temple tear apart

I remembered what the scripture says

And I was torn apart myself

Oh! what a wretched sinner am I?

How could I ever be saved?

From all the guilts of my sins

And even of killing an innocent man

Where would I ever find peace?

Who will deliver me?

I searched and searched

I looked and looked

I cried and cried

Until on a Sunday morning

When I had to go back to the cross

And the way was shown to me

To the resurrected Lord at last

I met him

I pleaded with him

But all he did was to use his Blood to cleanse me

And he wiped all my tears away

And he said “I did it all” “I did it all for you, just for you”

Jesus came and did it all for you

Immediately I saw a light

And the guilts were taken away

I am so glad that Jesus loves me

My dear friends at times like this, during the Easter celebration season, do we reflect on the roles we played before the death of Jesus? Or we simply feel the soldiers, the crowds or the Jewish leaders are the ones responsible for the cross and death.

You and I are the ones responsible for the price He had to pay…This evening my daughter asked me; “How far is Golgotha from Jerusalem?” After I told her it was about 11/2 km, she exclaimed, “Is that how far Jesus had to carry the heavy cross for me?”

Bless her heart, she made pull out this old poem to read to them before bed.

Lord, teach us to love you the same way you loved us. So, we are ready to carry the cross and die for you anytime. Darrell Evans expressed my heart beautifully through his song “Beautiful Saviour” Listen and be blessed!

Thank you for reading and enjoying my blog about Easter, hopefully in my next blog we will be back to Chloe teenager emotional expressions.




7 thoughts on “You did it! – My reflection on Easter

  1. The Lord bless you for this reminder. It’s my prayer that Jesus is satisfied whenever He looks at us that His sacrifice was not in vain.


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