Teenager! I have emotions…

Hi Guys, I just enjoy plotting out Chloe’s story for your enjoyment. Guess what? She is now a teenager. Where did the time go? Don’t worry all the answers are in the book … “She smiled” … Just as a snap clip of what is happening in her world…Read and enjoy!!

“Some new neighbours had moved into the house opposite Chloe’s recently?” Chloe rushed into the house excited from school with her backpack and the loud announcement. Mama Joe stepped out the kitchen cleaning her hands with a napkin, “My love, you are back! At least, you should greet me before the neighbour’s news. Would you like to join me in the kitchen?”

Chloe knelt before her mother as she hugged her waist laughing. “Sorry mama, I was carried away by the neighbour’s clothes spread outside” Chloe said as she rose to give her mother a peck.  Mama Joe led Chloe into the kitchen, to her surprise, mama had visitors having lunch with her.

Chloe countenance changed to her shy disposition in the presence of two handsome young men, a young girl and presumable their mother. “These boys look good!” She thought. Chloe caught a glimpse at them without been noticed. “The girl looks like a snob; the woman is classy; where is their dad?”

Mama Joe interrupted her thoughts when she said “Chloe meet, Ryan, Nathaniel and Sandra. They all attend the university secondary school. Caroline is their mum, they moved in the neighbourhood a couple of weeks ago.”

She continued “Caroline, Ryan, Nathaniel and Sandra, meet my last child Chloe, she just arrived from the boarding school for the break.”

Chloe went toward Caroline, knelt and greeted her “Welcome Ma, hope you have settled into the neighbourhood.”

“Thank you my dear” Caroline replied. Caroline added, “Mama Joe, your daughter is well trained.”

Chloe replied, “Thank you ma” to the rest, she said “Hi.” Even though she was already smitten by one of the boys. Homely, Chloe added “I will catch up with guys, I want to change into something comfortable.”

Chloe hurried out of the kitchen before they could reply her greetings. Mama Joe added “she is the shy one, the baby of the house, don’t worry, when you get to know her, she is a sweet girl.”

The children reply Mama Joe together “Yes ma.”

“Mama! Mama” Chloe called out, running down the staircase once the visitors were out of sight. “Mama you should have warmed me we had visitors.”

Mama Joe replied smiling “Chloe dear, you came in with your big announcement, I couldn’t apprise you, sorry love.”

“Mama tell me about them, I want to hear everything. Are they nice? Weird? And so on. You know, we’re not had neighbours for a while.” Eager Chloe said as she pushed her mother hands with her dimples shouting for all the gist.

“Take it easy” Mama persuaded Chloe to slow down, “I don’t have much to say, I was surprised they visited.” Chloe replied “Really?” Mama Joe picking up her bag to go out, continued, “Since they moved in about three months, I have not spoken to them. They kept to themselves.”

“Ohh,” Chloe added as she reclined on the sofa.

“Maybe when you interact with them, you might just change things around here. By the way, why did you hurry out of the kitchen. Are you boys’ shy now? I saw you carefully examined each one of them” Mama Joe teased her.

Chloe changed the topic to end the discussion abruptly “Mama, by the way, where is Sarah?” “She gone back to the university, I am headed to the market; I made your favourite meal, eat and rest” Mama replied as she stepped out.

Initially she tried to avoid the neighbour’s two sons and kept a low-profile friendship with their sister, Sandra. “Sandra is different from my first impression, she is quite fun and friendly”, Chloe thought. Chloe had not been confronted with such good-looking guys, she began to question the feelings arousing within her. Anytime she came across the boys especially Ryan, Chloe would ask herself “How do I intend to keep the deal I made to myself, keeping men at arm’s length?” It’s was difficult to control her thoughts, “I am having a crush, what do I do?”

In the following months, she gradually started loosening up and made friends with Nathaniel, the neighbour’s second son. Nathaniel was a light-hearted young teenager; his smiles could crack the hardest soul. He was a homely lad who enjoyed spending time in the kitchen; an unusual trait for a teenage boy.

Chloe soon became fond of Nathaniel, because they shared this a love for cooking. Often, they discussed about the next meal they will be preparing and exchanged cooking tips…

Hope you enjoyed my day with Chloe! Comment, share and let me know what you think…

Love Hefife!


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