Teenager! I have emotions…

Hi Guys, I just enjoy plotting out Chloe’s story for your enjoyment. Guess what? She is now a teenager. Where did the time go? Don’t worry all the answers are in the book … “She smiled” … Just as a snap clip of what is happening in her world…Read and enjoy!!

“Some new neighbours had moved into the house opposite Chloe’s recently?” Chloe rushed into the house excited from school with her backpack and the loud announcement. Mama Joe stepped out the kitchen cleaning her hands with a napkin, “My love, you are back! At least, you should greet me before the neighbour’s news. Would you like to join me in the kitchen?” Chloe knelt before her mother as she hugged her waist laughing. “Sorry mama, I was carried away by the neighbour’s clothes spread outside” Chloe said as she rose to give her mother a peck.  Mama Joe led Chloe into the kitchen, to her surprise, mama had visitors having lunch with her. Chloe countenance changed to her shy disposition in the presence of two handsome young men, a young girl and presumable their mother. “These boys look good!” She thought. Chloe caught a glimpse at them without been noticed. “The girl looks like a snob; the woman is classy; where is their dad?”

Mama Joe interrupted her thoughts when she said “Chloe meet, Ryan, Nathaniel and Sandra. They all attend the university secondary school. Caroline is their mum, they moved in the neighbourhood a couple of weeks ago.” She continued “Caroline, Ryan, Nathaniel and Sandra, meet my last child Chloe, she just arrived from the boarding school for the break.” Chloe went toward Caroline, knelt and greeted her “Welcome Ma, hope you have settled into the neighbourhood.” “Thank you my dear” Caroline replied. Caroline added, “Mama Joe, your daughter is well trained.” Chloe replied, “Thank you ma” to the rest, she said “Hi.” Even though she was already smitten by one of the boys. Homely, Chloe added “I will catch up with guys, I want to change into something comfortable.” Chloe hurried out of the kitchen before they could reply her greetings. Mama Joe added “she is the shy one, the baby of the house, don’t worry, when you get to know her, she is a sweet girl.” The children reply Mama Joe together “Yes ma.”

“Mama! Mama” Chloe called out, running down the staircase once the visitors were out of sight. “Mama you should have warmed me we had visitors.” Mama Joe replied smiling “Chloe dear, you came in with your big announcement, I couldn’t apprise you, sorry love.” “Mama tell me about them, I want to hear everything. Are they nice? Weird? And so on. You know, we’re not had neighbours for a while.” Eager Chloe said as she pushed her mother hands with her dimples shouting for all the gist. “Take it easy” Mama persuaded Chloe to slow down, “I don’t have much to say, I was surprised they visited.” Chloe replied “Really?” Mama Joe picking up her bag to go out, continued, “Since they moved in about three months, I have not spoken to them. They kept to themselves.” “Ohh,” Chloe added as she reclined on the sofa. “Maybe when you interact with them, you might just change things around here. By the way, why did you hurry out of the kitchen. Are you boys’ shy now? I saw you carefully examined each one of them” Mama Joe teased her. Chloe changed the topic to end the discussion abruptly “Mama, by the way, where is Sarah?” “She gone back to the university, I am headed to the market; I made your favourite meal, eat and rest” Mama replied as she stepped out.

Initially she tried to avoid the neighbour’s two sons and kept a low-profile friendship with their sister, Sandra. “Sandra is different from my first impression, she is quite fun and friendly”, Chloe thought. Chloe had not been confronted with such good-looking guys, she began to question the feelings arousing within her. Anytime she came across the boys especially Ryan, Chloe would ask herself “How do I intend to keep the deal I made to myself, keeping men at arm’s length?” It’s was difficult to control her thoughts, “I am having a crush, what do I do?”

In the following months, she gradually started loosening up and made friends with Nathaniel, the neighbour’s second son. Nathaniel was a light-hearted young teenager; his smiles could crack the hardest soul. He was a homely lad who enjoyed spending time in the kitchen; an unusual trait for a teenage boy. Chloe soon became fond of Nathaniel, because they shared this a love for cooking. Often, they discussed about the next meal they will be preparing and exchanged cooking tips…

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Dancing Floor

Dear Readers,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!. It’s been a while, my book editing journey has not been fast as planned, but we are getting there slowly but surely. I decided to post a little more of Chloe’s adventures. This time at a wedding (you will be able to read the beginning of the story from the book once its out). I believe some of us can relate to this story! Happy Reading!!!

… After the wedding service, the crowd gathered outside the church to take pictures with the newly wedded couple. Chloe saw her father from afar mingling with his friends. Chloe called to him, Father! Father! running into his hands. Her father was too busy to respond her until one of his friends, Mr William, (a well-known womanizer according to Mama Joe’s description) reached out to her. Mr Williams responded saying “You have a fair one as girl, just wished she was grown”. At once, Papa Joe replied, “Are you ready to pay the price?” “I am and will be ready to pay triple for the pay of one” Mr Williams replied. They both laughed as Papa Joe finally wrapped his hands around Chloe.

Although Chloe did not understand what Mr Williams meant by his words and the way he fixed his eyes on her body, she kept it in heart. “Mother will surely know what it means, I’ll ask her once I get home”, Chloe thought to herself. Chloe was driven to the reception and later back to the groom’s house. Papa Joe once again was not around to take her back home. It was about 7.00 pm, “Has my daddy finally forgotten I exist” Chloe started getting worried.

Bimpe was taken home by her mother about 30 minutes ago. Chloe soon realised she was one of the youngest kids around. As the night party started, Chloe was taken to the canopies outside, where there was a live band playing quite loud music. Chloe sat in the front row to enjoy the music. Before she knew it, her legs were moving to the rhythm.

About an hour later, the bride and groom danced in with their golden glamorous native dresses. Chloe forgot about herself and began to dance with the crowd. After a while she noticed everyone around her had gone to the dancing floor. In front of the band, the crowd ‘sprayed’ money, and Chloe watched as the currency notes rained down on the couple. Others helped bag the money for the dancers on the floor.

First, it was the bride and the groom. Later the groom’s family joined. Chloe danced and danced to the music. Unknown to her, the crowd on the dance floor had started reducing, but she was enjoying herself so much that she forgot herself. It was like a ‘dance spirit’ enveloped her and swung her little body left and right to match the rhythm and melody of the traditional music. Chloe watched the crowd come up the stage, ‘spraying’ her with money. Everyone praised her dancing skills.

The new couple left for their honeymoon and the dancing floor was left open by mid-night. Once again, Chloe stirred her dancing feet to the music and danced away into the night. All she remembered was the money; she was not even aware of what happened to them. At about 4.00 am, the band started getting ready to leave as the night party crowd faded out. Chloe was exhausted. As she staggered into and fell on the sofa with the help on one of the adults and fell fast asleep.

Papa Joe arrived about 7.00 am in the morning to take Chloe home. She felt sorry for herself as her body responded to the pain that burnt all over her body. She was assisted to the room to collect her belonging, while her father chatted with Mr and Mrs Banks, who recalled how Chloe had taken over the dancing floor. Papa Joe was handed over two bags of money which was gathered for Chloe. She felt so embarrassed that she could not recollect how she made much a scene whilst heading home with so much money.

Chloe informed her mother all that had happened from the moment she was dropped till the moment her father came to pick her up. To Chloe, it was as if she was on a time travel adventure and was suddenly back to reality. Mama Joe did not say much to all she said especially regarding Mr Williams. After telling her about the money and how she danced throughout the night, her mother carried her on her laps and began praying for her.

Still exhausted, Chloe wondered why her mother did not say much. She became scared of what could happen to her in the future. For now, Chloe was glad she was safe in her mother’s hands. She laid her head on her chest and fell asleep …

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Curious Chloe

Another extract from the book…She smiled…coming out soon!


“Chloe! Chloe”, called her father as he was heading to the office. It was the holidays and all Father’s children were made to work in the office. A means of introducing them to the business. Learning the trade was not one of the key interests of a six-year-old. Most occasions, she spent most of the day playing on the streets with the other children.

One of the children Chloe played with was John, a nephew of one of father’s workers. John was a fair skinned, dull, pale faced; like watered down milky coffee, thin young boy. As Chloe played with this young boy, it led Chloe to question “what the difference are between a boy and a girl”. Questions which generated childhood curiosity in Chloe mind.

In exploring her curiosity, playing with other kids on the street raised more ideas into Chloe mind on how to find out about these differences. She started getting interested in exploring and understanding the differences. Sometimes, she secretly followed and watched the boys urinating on the street.

“Why do they have to stand, and I have to bend to urinate?” she thought. To avoid been labelled for her childhood curiosity and sensing the taboo of this subject; she could not and did not discuss this with her mother and siblings especially her two older brothers. She took the law into her hands to find out herself.

Chloe secretly started reaching out to some of the pornography magazines which she found among the stuff belonging to her Father’s workers called “Ikebe super”. Ikebe super was a cartoon magazine that expressed sexual activities between the opposite sexes.

At first it felt awkward, but Chloe soon got use to the feeling and would go to a hiding place to digest the images portrayed within the pages of the book. Unknown to her John was also privately involved in viewing the magazine. Chloe was in her hiding behind the boxes of delivery for Father’s factory, when John walked over.

They accidentally realised they were both involved in digesting the content magazine. They agreed a meeting point where they viewed the cartoons together. Deep down, Chloe knew it was wrong because she did it secretly without the members of her family noticing, however she felt it satisfied her curiosity.

There was the constant need to explore what her senses had craved for from the cartoons. One afternoon out of sheer childhood idleness, Chloe and John and some other children decided to play in the loft of her father business complex. The kids were not normally allowed in the loft, it was a darkness part of the office block used as storage for new deliveries.

Luckily for the children, there was no scheduled delivery for the company that day. The loft had an awful odour from the several chemicals used in Father’s business. Usually there is a red bulb providing light to reduce the intensity of darkness in the room. Unfortunately, that afternoon there was no electricity power.

As before, the children approached the room, Chloe heard Mother reminding one of the staff, to make sure the children were not allowed in the loft. An instruction that was not followed up with actions by any of the staff. John, being the oldest led the children unsuspiciously into the room, whilst Chloe raised the tiny curtains in the dark room for some ray of light.

Initially, the darkness and smell in the room felt crippling, unpleasant, unenjoyable and physically draining. After a while, they forgot about the smell, darkness or the sense of discomfort that surrounded them. They knew they were not meant to be there, but they stayed in the loft anyway. Not knowing John had his motives for selecting the play area that afternoon, he suggested they all play the game of “mummies and daddies” …


Apart from struggling with her physical identity from my last blog, Chloe started struggling with her sexual identity.

Have you or anyone around you struggled in the same landscape as Chloe in today’s short story?

Most times, sexuality is one of the most difficult topics discussed within the Christian community. As a mother, I constantly measure the boundaries of the context and content of sexual topics I discuss with my girls.

The truth remains; the earlier we start discussing the topic, the better they become equipped to face the corrupt world they will eventually grow into.

As Christians, we should not wait for the schools or the government to control our children’s sexual education. It’s our God’s given right to do so in a godly way. Shaping their curious hearts in the path of holiness and purity

Remember if we don’t, some else will…possibly in a godless manner.

Take responsibility by God’s grace, kindly let me know what you think?

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Hefife xx

Saving me Softly

A Little distraction from Chloe’s story,  I recently had an encounter with Roberta Flack song “Killing me softly” it changed my landscape.

I thought I should do something about it before I forget. I decided to make some slight changes, like changing “Killing to Saving”. The lyrics is so powerful, could not resist seeing the saviour in the mirror of this song. The video above is a reflection of my mind.

I heard he sang a good song
I heard he had a style
And so I came to see him
To listen for a while
And there he was this young boy
A stranger to my eyes

Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Saving me softly with his song
Saving me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words
Saving me softly with his song

I felt all flushed with fever
Embarrassed by the crowd
I felt he found my letters
And read each one out loud
I prayed that he would finish
But he just kept right on

Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Saving me softly with his song
Saving me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words
Saving me softly with his song

He sang as if he knew me
In all my dark despair
And then he looked right through me
As if I wasn’t there
And he just kept on singing
Singing clear and strong

Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Saving me softly with his song
Saving me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words
Saving me softly with his song

And then I reach to him
Telling his song is truth
He wrapped his love around me
Forever safe in his arms
He’ll never let me go
Eternity he promised

[Instrumental Break]

Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Saving me softly with his song
Saving me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words
Saving me softly with his song

This is an initial version I created, hopeful will do a video format soon;

Thank you for your comments and connection to my blog so far. Would like to know what you think about the song and what it means to you.

I feel the songwriters in the previous generations were more intentional in their lyrics than today, what do you think?

Do you think this song relate to Chloe story so far?

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Chloe’s identity…

A visit to the hospital and series of medical tests, confirmed Chloe’s mother greatest fears, her sight and teeth will be permanently affected because of the infection. Chloe was placed on constant medical check-ups with a schedule as follows – Mondays to the eye clinic and Fridays to the dentist. The visits impacted the way Chloe saw herself. She saw herself as the weak one, deformed for the rest of her life…
…Even though Chloe was a bright kid, most of the time she will refuse to speak in class. Primarily, to prevent others from seeing her teeth and laughing at her. Although she tried to prevent herself being ridiculed it was in vain.  The constant bullying made her feel horrible about herself, more than she already did. The idea of  making friends was the last thing on this little girl’s mind. She gradually developed the act of being by herself, withdrawing to her safe place of her constant question, “who will really love me the way I am?” (apart from her mother, and five siblings.)
Due to her constant refusal to speak in class as expected, her teacher, Mr Umor, usually picked on her in class causing her more distress and unexplainable shame. She was not able to express her feelings to her family; will they question why I must feel this way? She often asked herself. To avoid further discussion about her, the sense of inferiority pulled her into the depth of withdrawal, fading her inner beauty while the physical beauty was irresistible.
Chloe was growing up to be one of the most beautiful, engaging little girl that ever existed. With her ebony colour, oval face, big brown eyes and double dimples it was impossible to gaze at her once. When she smiles she had such a glow in her eyes that heals the weary soul, such an admirable child yet her little heart was weary.
One morning during the usual timetable quiz, Chloe too shy to speak, suddenly forgot to answer the question, because her mind was far away in her wonder land. Her wondering thoughts were interrupted with the sound of the cane she felt on her shoulder. She gave a loud scream and the rest of the class went on uproar, laughing loudly. Moments later, the voice of her teacher kept ringing in the shadow of her mind,
“stupid girl, you will not listen in class, you and your golden teeth, I cannot imagine who will marry such a girl with a golden set of teeth”.
He continued yelling. “Normal children have white teeth, you came to the world with yellow teeth.”
Shame ravished her entire being, she felt the earth should open and swallow her. As her entire body froze, she asked herself,  “could anything be worse than this?”  She felt bullied, helpless and totally unwanted on the surface of the earth. The rest of the day, Chloe cried until her body temperature rose. A call was made for her parents to pick her up as she had become unwell. One of her father’s workers picked her up from school. At home her mother was extremely upset at the state Chloe’s teacher left her precious daughter, without caring for her emotional and mental well-being …


Can you imagine the impact of other people’s words on us? Sometimes even though we know we are perfectly made irrespective of her weakness, we allow others to define who we are.

For Chloe, it is a shame, she didn’t know better, those she looks up to seems to have defined her future before she is able to define it herself.

What do you think? Will she be able to see beyond Mr Umor words? what are the words that have been spoken to you that have deeply impacted you?

Remember only the words and promises of the saviour can define you! Psalm 139: 14.

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Prologue 2

…The driver seemed quiet through the momentarily tears rolling down her cheeks while she spoke. He responded softly… “madam make you no cry again, I think I be know wetin de do your pikin… he be like say na measles…if you allow me, I fit prescribe one leaf to you. Just cook am, use am bathe your pikin make you give your pikin some of the water drink”.

“Madam don’t, I think I know what is happening to your child. I think its measles. I will prescribe one leaf to you, cook it give her some to drink and use the rest to bathe her, including the leaves”

Chloe’s mother completely speechless, briefly spoke up saying, where can I get the leaves? The driver drove up the road and parked close to the bush around the hospital, after about five minutes he came back with what looked like a bunch of weeds. Handing it over to Chloe’s mother, he said, “madam your pikin no go die…just do as I say immediately”.

“Madam your child will not die, do as I have told you immediately”

Arriving at the hospital, the journey seemed like a waste of time, no doctor was available, and all the nurse could do was to place Chloe on painkillers. The doctor finally arrived and confirmed the illness was measles at the epic state. The doctor said, “Chloe could have died if she was not brought in when she was”. Initial medication was given to her, with respites on her temperature. They headed back home to try the old man’s herbal prescription.

At home, her mother immediately cooked the herbs and used the leaves to bathe Chloe. Within three days of repeating the same procedure as directed she was back to health as the taxi driver stated. However, the effect of the measles did not end there, it had a lasting effect on Chloe for the rest of her life. Once Chloe started teething, her mother noticed they were golden rather than the usual white teeth and soon after Chloe started complaining of constant eye ache…..

Dear Readers… things happen in life that defines what we become as adults, and especially how we relate to others. Most times we do not define the environmental situations of our birth and childhood, but do we have to define the life we live after these events?

What do you think will happen to Chloe and how will the measles affect her relationship with others?… I am hoping this space will be as interactive as possible to encourage each other as a positive platform!

Love, x