What if…being a Christian…This is it!

Dear Friends,

I have been considering the ongoing events relating to those that identify with Jesus around the world. With a burdened heart I pick up my pen and put down my thoughts expressed in this poem. Although I have shared my notes to one or two friends, I felt the need to share with my readers. My heavy heart on these contemporary issues in our days trusts in the Saviour’s wings at this end times. I pray you to take time and ponder on each sentence.

What if being a Christian means not buying into the popular religious culture and legalism
What if being a Christian means not necessarily persecuted like our brethren in all around the world
What if being a Christian does not only lead to execution
What if being a Christian means my voice is meant to be silent
What if being a Christian means I can’t express my belief in Jesus openly anymore
What if it means I cannot express my views on social media?
What if it means I am targeted, excluded, excommunicated, ostracized, and condemned by the world?
What if at the slightest words of my Saviour someone feels insulted and I must take the public shame
What if I might have to lose my job, my source of income, or might never get a job because I identified with the Saviour
What if I lose my friends, family and my celebrity status?
What if being a Christian is a thing of the past in the new world order
What if I am the only odd one out. His name a curse word to the nations?
What will I do if being a Christian means I will lose out completely?
Will I denied I knew him, walked with him, talked with him and worship him or
Will I stop, think, before I speak because of the consequences
Will I post of social media my stances on controversial issues?
Will I hide my faith to keep my job?
Will, I denied Jesus to keep the trend and end up in church on Sunday?
Behold the Saviour watches from above looking at the hearts and motives of men
He will declare: if you denied me before them, I will deny you before my Father
He says, the Father will destroy both the body and the souls that sins
What will men do?
Destroy the body alone and you fear men!
Is it worth I denied my belief to fit the popular demand and excesses of the fallen man?
God hates sins and loves mankind He created
He declares his hatred of sins through the fallen man
Will I be willing to declare my stance to love mankind?
While holding on to God’s desire for the hated of sins
Just the way it is without no shades of grey
What will be my choice?
What will be your choice?
We’ve been called to declare his words
What might happen to us is already foretold as it happened to our brothers like Paul, Peter and His followers
Most suffered like our Saviour did on the cross
They did not sugar coat the gospel
They did not find the middle ground by losing the truth through picking facts
Were they diplomatic with the truth?
They did not deceive their followers with half-baked teachings
They did try to fit the culture or their changing world
They did not deny Him, who lived, died, rose and hated man's sins
And His redemptive heart for man
They died for what they believed in...
Are you ready to die for what you believe?
Hard questions? Hard times?
For me and my household, my mind is made up
Not only in the old song “I have decided to follow Jesus…”
But is your mind made up
Humm, quick check…
When last did you declare your belief of social media rather than your beautiful pictures?

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Teenager! I have emotions 3

I’m back continuing Chloe’s journey on her teenage emotional awareness “Teenager! I have emotions 2.” As a teenager putting a check on her emotions was a new priority, too much to deal with.  I hope you enjoy reading as I did writing.

Chloe could not sleep that night, she tossed and turned, wondering whether she was heading for the trouble she wouldn’t be able to handle. “All I wanted is a friend, why did Nath hold my hands that way; did I imagine the way he fixed his eyes on me? Is he trying to communicate something else? Is that the way a boy looks into a girl’s eyes when he begins to fall in love? I seriously think I shouldn’t give Nath any funny ideas any more. What will I do with Ryan? Even though I really what him to like me the same way as Nath seems to swoop on me this evening, why does he not even look my way?

As these thoughts play over and over in her mind long into the night, Chloe remembered the Saviour’s words “Do not awake your emotions when it is not ripe for it.” Her Saviour and Mama Joe were right again. She talked with Him for a while and finally drifted off to sleep.

Chloe avoided Nath’s company over the next few days, she found reasons to be busy indoors while the rest of the neighbours spent time together outside.

A week later, there was a knock on the door, Nath stood there looking helpless, “I missed fishing, can we spend time together?” he said looking miserable. As she opened her mouth to say “No”, she heard Mama Joe speak from behind her.

“I think you children don’t have much to do around here, I am waiting to eat roasted fish tonight. Head out”. That was the most boring time she spent with Nath; she could not pretend that the last time never happened. Several times, Nath tried to break the ice, to get through to her, but Chloe was too scared to say anything.

Getting home, Mama Joe had already made a fire for the fish; because of the unexplainable silence between them, Nathaniel made his excuses, hurrying home to make dinner, avoiding any further company with Chloe. Chloe didn’t want him to go home but was at a loss as to how to tell him about how she felt.

“I am so lame at handling a friendship!” Chloe thought as she walked over to the fence and watched Nathaniel climb the stairs, he was talking to his sister and didn’t look back. Nathaniel’s mother poked her head out of the front door and invited Chloe for dinner. Chloe saw her opportunity to get closer to Ryan.

“Yes, thank you” she called back, adding she would be bringing some fish along. All Chloe noticed though was Ryan’s unwelcoming face staring at her and she wondered if she was making another big mistake.

In the end, the evening went by uneventfully, leaving Chloe wondering what to do about “Ryan” and her “feelings for him” as she walked home in the dark.

A month after the dinner in Nathaniel’s house, she was ready to resume school and was glad that there had been no reference to their “rainy day” experience.

She was able to interact with Nathaniel with even though it was awkward, usually if Nathaniel said “Hi”, Chloe would reply “Hi”, she didn’t know how to deal with him.

Sometimes she wished she allowed him to speak; it could be possible that what he intended to say had nothing to do with his emotional attraction to her. Chloe decided not to tell Mama Joe about him, she had already teased about the “boys’ effect.”

Let’s say Chloe survived this episode without anybody finding out her inner struggles. Although she was able to escape this time, will she be able to do so for all the other “boys’ effect” that might likely come her way? Do you agree she should express her struggles with someone…let’s say, Mama Joe?

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You did it! – My reflection on Easter

Dear readers,

I wrote this poem in 2003 and acted it in church during the Easter service. Similarly, I was worshipping in the service today with the song “O praise the name of the Lord our God…” As we sang the fourth verse, it struck me the reason for my worship was the price he paid. With tears rolling from my eyes I look forward to worshipping Him in eternity with my loved ones, I share my poem with you.

I remember today is a Friday, over 2000 years ago

You did it for me.

Yes! I clearly do, but wait…

Was I one of the soldiers that flogged you,

Nailed you,

Gambled for your clothes,

And threw dices for each piece?

I even went to the extent of mocking you and offering you sour wine to my satisfaction

I made myself happy at the expense of your sorrow

Over my sins?

Or better still…

Maybe I was one of the crowds

That cried “Crucify him! Crucify him”

And yet at the cross

I stood watching

I was neither happy nor sad

I even went home with my deep-seated sorrow

For the weight of the sins

You had to pay for me

Come to think of it…

I think I would be better still

The Jewish leaders that wanted Him to die at all cost

I wasted a precious soul

To achieve my aim?

I falsely accused Him of the sins he knew not

I made the crowd that liked him so much

To turn against him to shout “Crucify him! Crucify him”

I went as far as turning Pilate and King Herod Judgment to please my terms

At the cross, I laughed and scoffed Him

And I called Him names

But at His death

When I saw the veil of the temple tear apart

I remembered what the scripture says

And I was torn apart myself

Oh! what a wretched sinner am I?

How could I ever be saved?

From all the guilts of my sins

And even of killing an innocent man

Where would I ever find peace?

Who will deliver me?

I searched and searched

I looked and looked

I cried and cried

Until on a Sunday morning

When I had to go back to the cross

And the way was shown to me

To the resurrected Lord at last

I met him

I pleaded with him

But all he did was to use his Blood to cleanse me

And he wiped all my tears away

And he said “I did it all” “I did it all for you, just for you”

Jesus came and did it all for you

Immediately I saw a light

And the guilts were taken away

I am so glad that Jesus loves me

My dear friends at times like this, during the Easter celebration season, do we reflect on the roles we played before the death of Jesus? Or we simply feel the soldiers, the crowds or the Jewish leaders are the ones responsible for the cross and death.

You and I are the ones responsible for the price He had to pay…This evening my daughter asked me; “How far is Golgotha from Jerusalem?” After I told her it was about 11/2 km, she exclaimed, “Is that how far Jesus had to carry the heavy cross for me?”

Bless her heart, she made pull out this old poem to read to them before bed.

Lord, teach us to love you the same way you loved us. So, we are ready to carry the cross and die for you anytime. Darrell Evans expressed my heart beautifully through his song “Beautiful Saviour” Listen and be blessed!

Thank you for reading and enjoying my blog about Easter, hopefully in my next blog we will be back to Chloe teenager emotional expressions.



Teenager! I have emotions 2

Dear Readers,

After a break, I am continuing Chloe’s journey on her teenage emotional awareness “Teenager! I have emotions.” I must admit, just as I have arranged these creative words together, I hope you enjoy reading as I did writing.

Apart from cooking, Chloe’s other hobbies were gardening and fishing. She also kept a small snail farm. Nathaniel enjoyed spending time with her at the river fishing and roasting them afterwards. On the other hand, he disliked the idea of snails and the slime residue it leaves behind. Chloe enjoyed every opportunity to ‘pull his leg’ and scare Nathaniel with her snails.

Nathaniel, who was competitive, loved to compete on who would catch the first fish – the loser of the contest will usually have to go wet and start the fire for roasting the fish. Although others wouldn’t join them for the hard work, they enjoyed eating the fish with roasted cassava flakes (garri) whilst cracking jokes.

Ryan, Nathaniel’s older brother, on the other hand, was academically focused and seemed to be his mother’s first choice. From Chloe’s viewpoint, he was treated differently from Nathaniel. Usually in the evenings’ friends from the neighbourhood would gather to discuss, play and crack jokes about school. She avoided discussions with Ryan because she felt he was high-minded.

However, Chloe’s liking for Ryan was different from Nathaniel’s. At the same time, Ryan seemed not to notice her. She wondered why she attracted to a the boy who was according to her assessment ‘everything she did not want in a fine young man’. Chloe learnt daily to ignore the pressing temptations to give her feeling away whenever she was around Ryan. 

One Saturday evening Nathaniel and Chloe went on their usual fishing expedition. Nathaniel was usually overly dressed in his white polo shirt and black jean. Chloe simply wore one of her old dresses, suitable for fishing and surprises.  They enjoyed each other’s company as they were fishing and suddenly the clouds gathered. Faster than imagined, it started raining before Chloe and Nathaniel could pack up. Nathaniel, not experienced in fishing in bad weather, panicked by the edge the water and fell into the river. The sudden splash in the river and the noise made Chloe turn around sharply to see Nathaniel panicking in the water.

“Chloe help! Help!” Nathaniel screamed.

She had never seen him so afraid. Although in panic herself, Chloe jumped into the river as Nathaniel yelled for help. She caught him by the hand and said “I got you, hold on to my arms” as she dragged him to the edge of the water with all the strength she had. Nathaniel, who was glad to be out of the water sitting at the banks of the river, held on tightly to Chloe whispering

“Thank you! Thank you!”. Both were totally soaked as the raining fell gracefully on them.

Apart from her family, this was the first time anyone would thank her for her kindness in such an affectionate way. Chloe responded non-affectionately as she gently let go. She briskly walked over to the bag and packed up to leave forming a sand depth on her legs on the banks. Chloe avoided any facial contact with him. Nathaniel walked over behind her saying in a melancholy tone,

“Chloe did I do something or say something wrong?”. His voice was like a little child seeking from approval from his mother.  

Nathaniel reached out to hold her hands in the rain. Chloe replied awkwardly to hide the breeze of affection they both experienced a moment ago. Chloe “No, not at all, we need to head home; cos your mummy would be worried sick that her baby boy is not around.” Chloe said this because she thought if something had happened to Nathaniel, she will be blamed for it. “Even though I am glad he thanked me, I can’t bear it if anything had happened,” she thought. “Wouldn’t want to put us into more trouble than we are already in”. Nathaniel, interrupted Chloe’s thoughts as he continued “can we talk about your sudden change in mood?”

In defense, Chloe feeling embarrassed in her wet clothes pretended and replied, “Mood change? Not at all, Nathaniel don’t we talk? We talk every day about everything, we talk; what else do you possibly want to talk about?”.

She avoided eye contact, turning her gaze away from him. Chloe knew that Nathaniel was getting attracted to her, and it was not the same with her. Instead, she was getting attracted to his brother, Ryan. Chloe shaken by the sudden reality of his attraction was not sure how to handle it, but only to defend herself by the sudden outburst.

‘Poor Nathaniel, how I wish I could be more honest with you, Lord forgive me’ she thought to herself. Nathaniel was surprised by her reply and said “It’s okay when you feel comfortable to talk about it, I am always here. They walked back home in the rain in a world of silence. Is this the beginning of the end of an innocent friendship? Chloe pondered as they walked along.

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I wish you trusted me!

Dear Readers,

I have had a difficult few weeks. I have struggled with editing my novel, due to the loss of a very beloved one but on a positive note, recorded one of my songs in a studio (will share in my next blog). I was getting ready to go out today with my girls when this Chloe’s story plot dropped in my mind … I hope you enjoy reading with me… I have enjoyed adding it to Chloe’s story.

An evening during prep, Chloe felt a sharp pain around her abdomen. She rushed to the toilet and experienced pains while urinating. To compound her sudden nightmares, she started experiencing a burning sensation in her vaginal and her discharge, the smell was awful. Chloe’s flashed back to the history files in her memory,

“Could this have anything with what I did with John when I was barely six-year-old?”.

She was so afraid of expressing the pains with any of her friends. It wasn’t long before questions were asked by her dorm mates as to the reasons for her constant discomfort. Three days after her initial observation Chloe already looking pale and tried was called by the matron to her quarters. Entering the room to her astonishment, Chloe saw Papa Joe sitting across her with a very downcast face, his usually ‘You are in trouble’ face.

Clearing her throat with a chewing stick in between her teeth, the matron said

“Come in, I got a report that you have been reacting funny and the girls are not comfortable. I took the initiative to call your father. He will be taking you home, once the concerns are resolved you can return.”

Chloe frightened and embarrassed to find out the matron knew, she suspected that one of her dorm mates would have reported her. Papa Joe rose up from the seat, thanked the matron and walked out without saying a word.

“Ma,” Chloe replied the matron,

“Can I take some of my belongings home?…”

“No!” said matron interrupting her, replied with a slightly angry tone, “your father is waiting for you outside, go, go… go… join your father! I always thought you were one of the few good one, I must say I am disappointed!”

Chloe joined Papa Joe and the driver in the car. She was about to join Papa Joe at the back seat when he spoke abruptly for the first time

“Ehnnn … sit in front with the driver, stupid girl!” He turned to the driver and instructed him, “Take me to the University Hospital.”

Chloe had never been this confused in her life, “I am fifteen, I love the saviour, I have never been close to the opposite sex, even though I see my mates in the hostel sneaking out at night to have fun. Saviour, I know you forgave me for my past sins, do I have to still pay for it?” Still, in pain, Chloe cried with teardrops flooding her alluring eyes. “Saviour, please, I plead with you take this pain away, and healing please…”

Chloe was distracted from her thoughts with the soft touch of the driver. “Small madam, you will be fine,” the driver said, with his lovely reassuring smile.

The nurses exchanged greetings with Papa Joe and led them to the waiting room. A few minutes later the Chief gynecologist walked into the room. After exchanging pleasantry, Chloe eavesdropping heard Papa Joe saying the doctor “I was called to her school to discuss her symptoms and the matron is suspending teenage pregnancy.

The doctor replied, “I will deal with Chloe as soon as possible, but I would not suspect pregnancy immediately. I would be running all possible tests. I have a patient in the office, one of the nurses will take care of her.” Papa Joe gladly replied, “Try and make it as discreet as possible, I will leave Chloe in your care. My driver will be back to pick her. I will call later to discuss the results.”

Chloe was strictly disappointed in her father, “How could he believe I will get pregnant? Does he not trust me? Is that why he called me stupid and refused to say a word to me? I thought Mama Joe trained me well? I am not surprised as a Papa Joe thinketh, so he is.” After Papa Joe left, the nurse took Chloe for the pregnancy test, which was obviously negative.

On his return, the gynecologist gave Chloe a physical examination of the sore areas and after several tests, he concluded it was ‘vaginitis’ a toilet infection. “Just a toilet infection,” Chloe thought, although she was happy, tears of sorrow streamed down her cheeks. She could not help being hurt by Papa Joe’s distrust of her. At home, Mama Joe was equally upset at the discovery of the day’s event. She asked the driver to take Chloe back to school, encouraging her to forgive Papa Joe.

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Teenager! I have emotions…

Hi Guys, I just enjoy plotting out Chloe’s story for your enjoyment. Guess what? She is now a teenager. Where did the time go? Don’t worry all the answers are in the book … “She smiled” … Just as a snap clip of what is happening in her world…Read and enjoy!!

“Some new neighbours had moved into the house opposite Chloe’s recently?” Chloe rushed into the house excited from school with her backpack and the loud announcement. Mama Joe stepped out the kitchen cleaning her hands with a napkin, “My love, you are back! At least, you should greet me before the neighbour’s news. Would you like to join me in the kitchen?”

Chloe knelt before her mother as she hugged her waist laughing. “Sorry mama, I was carried away by the neighbour’s clothes spread outside” Chloe said as she rose to give her mother a peck.  Mama Joe led Chloe into the kitchen, to her surprise, mama had visitors having lunch with her.

Chloe countenance changed to her shy disposition in the presence of two handsome young men, a young girl and presumable their mother. “These boys look good!” She thought. Chloe caught a glimpse at them without been noticed. “The girl looks like a snob; the woman is classy; where is their dad?”

Mama Joe interrupted her thoughts when she said “Chloe meet, Ryan, Nathaniel and Sandra. They all attend the university secondary school. Caroline is their mum, they moved in the neighbourhood a couple of weeks ago.”

She continued “Caroline, Ryan, Nathaniel and Sandra, meet my last child Chloe, she just arrived from the boarding school for the break.”

Chloe went toward Caroline, knelt and greeted her “Welcome Ma, hope you have settled into the neighbourhood.”

“Thank you my dear” Caroline replied. Caroline added, “Mama Joe, your daughter is well trained.”

Chloe replied, “Thank you ma” to the rest, she said “Hi.” Even though she was already smitten by one of the boys. Homely, Chloe added “I will catch up with guys, I want to change into something comfortable.”

Chloe hurried out of the kitchen before they could reply her greetings. Mama Joe added “she is the shy one, the baby of the house, don’t worry, when you get to know her, she is a sweet girl.”

The children reply Mama Joe together “Yes ma.”

“Mama! Mama” Chloe called out, running down the staircase once the visitors were out of sight. “Mama you should have warmed me we had visitors.”

Mama Joe replied smiling “Chloe dear, you came in with your big announcement, I couldn’t apprise you, sorry love.”

“Mama tell me about them, I want to hear everything. Are they nice? Weird? And so on. You know, we’re not had neighbours for a while.” Eager Chloe said as she pushed her mother hands with her dimples shouting for all the gist.

“Take it easy” Mama persuaded Chloe to slow down, “I don’t have much to say, I was surprised they visited.” Chloe replied “Really?” Mama Joe picking up her bag to go out, continued, “Since they moved in about three months, I have not spoken to them. They kept to themselves.”

“Ohh,” Chloe added as she reclined on the sofa.

“Maybe when you interact with them, you might just change things around here. By the way, why did you hurry out of the kitchen. Are you boys’ shy now? I saw you carefully examined each one of them” Mama Joe teased her.

Chloe changed the topic to end the discussion abruptly “Mama, by the way, where is Sarah?” “She gone back to the university, I am headed to the market; I made your favourite meal, eat and rest” Mama replied as she stepped out.

Initially she tried to avoid the neighbour’s two sons and kept a low-profile friendship with their sister, Sandra. “Sandra is different from my first impression, she is quite fun and friendly”, Chloe thought. Chloe had not been confronted with such good-looking guys, she began to question the feelings arousing within her. Anytime she came across the boys especially Ryan, Chloe would ask herself “How do I intend to keep the deal I made to myself, keeping men at arm’s length?” It’s was difficult to control her thoughts, “I am having a crush, what do I do?”

In the following months, she gradually started loosening up and made friends with Nathaniel, the neighbour’s second son. Nathaniel was a light-hearted young teenager; his smiles could crack the hardest soul. He was a homely lad who enjoyed spending time in the kitchen; an unusual trait for a teenage boy.

Chloe soon became fond of Nathaniel, because they shared this a love for cooking. Often, they discussed about the next meal they will be preparing and exchanged cooking tips…

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Love Hefife!

Dancing Floor

Dear Readers,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!. It’s been a while, my book editing journey has not been fast as planned, but we are getting there slowly but surely. I decided to post a little more of Chloe’s adventures. This time at a wedding (you will be able to read the beginning of the story from the book once its out). I believe some of us can relate to this story! Happy Reading!!!

… After the wedding service, the crowd gathered outside the church to take pictures with the newly wedded couple. Chloe saw her father from afar mingling with his friends. Chloe called to him, Father! Father! running into his hands. Her father was too busy to respond her until one of his friends, Mr William, (a well-known womanizer according to Mama Joe’s description) reached out to her.

Mr Williams responded saying “You have a fair one as girl, just wished she was grown”. At once, Papa Joe replied, “Are you ready to pay the price?” “I am and will be ready to pay triple for the pay of one” Mr Williams replied. They both laughed as Papa Joe finally wrapped his hands around Chloe.

Although Chloe did not understand what Mr Williams meant by his words and the way he fixed his eyes on her body, she kept it in heart. “Mother will surely know what it means, I’ll ask her once I get home”, Chloe thought to herself. Chloe was driven to the reception and later back to the groom’s house. Papa Joe once again was not around to take her back home. It was about 7.00 pm, “Has my daddy finally forgotten I exist” Chloe started getting worried.

Bimpe was taken home by her mother about 30 minutes ago. Chloe soon realised she was one of the youngest kids around. As the night party started, Chloe was taken to the canopies outside, where there was a live band playing quite loud music. Chloe sat in the front row to enjoy the music. Before she knew it, her legs were moving to the rhythm.

About an hour later, the bride and groom danced in with their golden glamorous native dresses. Chloe forgot about herself and began to dance with the crowd. After a while she noticed everyone around her had gone to the dancing floor. In front of the band, the crowd ‘sprayed’ money, and Chloe watched as the currency notes rained down on the couple. Others helped bag the money for the dancers on the floor.

First, it was the bride and the groom. Later the groom’s family joined. Chloe danced and danced to the music. Unknown to her, the crowd on the dance floor had started reducing, but she was enjoying herself so much that she forgot herself. It was like a ‘dance spirit’ enveloped her and swung her little body left and right to match the rhythm and melody of the traditional music. Chloe watched the crowd come up the stage, ‘spraying’ her with money. Everyone praised her dancing skills.

The new couple left for their honeymoon and the dancing floor was left open by mid-night. Once again, Chloe stirred her dancing feet to the music and danced away into the night. All she remembered was the money; she was not even aware of what happened to them. At about 4.00 am, the band started getting ready to leave as the night party crowd faded out. Chloe was exhausted. As she staggered into and fell on the sofa with the help on one of the adults and fell fast asleep.

Papa Joe arrived about 7.00 am in the morning to take Chloe home. She felt sorry for herself as her body responded to the pain that burnt all over her body. She was assisted to the room to collect her belonging, while her father chatted with Mr and Mrs Banks, who recalled how Chloe had taken over the dancing floor. Papa Joe was handed over two bags of money which was gathered for Chloe. She felt so embarrassed that she could not recollect how she made much a scene whilst heading home with so much money.

Chloe informed her mother all that had happened from the moment she was dropped till the moment her father came to pick her up. To Chloe, it was as if she was on a time travel adventure and was suddenly back to reality. Mama Joe did not say much to all she said especially regarding Mr Williams. After telling her about the money and how she danced throughout the night, her mother carried her on her laps and began praying for her.

Still exhausted, Chloe wondered why her mother did not say much. She became scared of what could happen to her in the future. For now, Chloe was glad she was safe in her mother’s hands. She laid her head on her chest and fell asleep …

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